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The El Ami – El Atzmi organization specializes in enhancing dialogues regarding Jewish identity in the Israeli society. 
The debate regarding personal and general contributions to the State of Israel in general, and specifically by serving in the IDF, are usually discussed regarding the number of recruitees into the IDF, or regarding the number of military casualties on Memorial Day.
For the past three years, El Ami – El Atzmi has been an active partner in revolutionizing our youths’ views regarding these issues – through our wounded veterans themselves, those unseen heroes of the Israeli State.

Making “honoring veterans” a vital and dominant part of our Jewish and Israeli Identity – both in Israel and throughout the world.

Year One: Recruiting 7 classes from various schools, grades 10 – 12.
The chosen classes must be high-potential classes.
Joining the project requires cooperation with the local municipality.

Action Plan
A specific class will lead the school activities on Honor Day (which comes out on the 17th of Kislev every year), which will include connecting the school to the city’s wounded veterans and their families. The project will be built up in the class with the assistance and educational guidance provided by an El Ami – El Atzmi counselor and a wounded veteran.
Throughout the year, the students will encounter various moral and ethical issues regarding “Giving”, Words such as charity, justice, compassion, and modesty will get a deeper meaning, by combining various learning projects, with the life story and experience of the wounded veteran.
The “Peak Event” will include holding the Honor Day ceremonies and activities in their schools.  The class will choose a topic of interest and along with the wounded veteran will learn and discuss the chosen topic.
This will be regarded as the Peak Event of the program.
After that, the class will enjoy a continuation program, which will include additional relevant topics.

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