El Ami North is an Educational Association

Our vision and goal is to further Jewish unity, values and heritage through educational projects, outreach programs, adult courses, children’s programs, seminars and study groups.

Our services are available throughout Israel, to youth and adults, immigrants and veterans, soldiers, teachers and children. We have, for the past 3 decades, acquired vast experience in operating projects in the fields of education, community work, absorption and Jewish identity.

Our projects include: 

  1. Weekly Jewish-Zionist enrichment programs for pupils in public schools. 
  1. Weekly parent-child study pages for religious schools and communities (over 5,000 weekly copies are distributed to over 160 study groups throughout Israel, as well as hundreds of copies in numerous languages, which are distributed to communities abroad).  
  1. Workshops for adults in Judaism/Zionism in towns and kibbutzim. 
  1. Teacher training seminars. 
  1. El Atzmi Teaching Jewish values and traditions in secular schools and high-schools throughout Israel. 
  1. Weekend retreats for adults (veteran Israelis and immigrants). 
  1. Leadership training programs for immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia on an ongoing basis. 
  1. Publication of pedagogical material as teachers’ aids in the fields of Judaism and Zionism. 
  1. ‘Link in a chain’ – a joint parent-child Judaic study project. 


Our Board-of-Directors is composed of volunteers whose fields of expertise parallel our work, and are specialists in the fields of informal Jewish education and Jewish studies, including rabbis, teachers, psychologists and social workers. They all contribute from their rich experience. 

Our professional staff includes some 40 staff members; lecturers, educators, counselors and community workers. Approximately 25% are volunteers.  


There has been an increased demand for the educational services of El Ami-El Atzmi, such that, with the assistance of our dedicated staff people, we are able to serve 48,000 youth and adults a year throughout the country. 

It is especially important that the enhancement of Jewish values and heritage be strengthened during this difficult period.  It is these Jewish values that will ultimately give us the strength to build a better Jewish future in Israel. 

We are maximizing our efforts to expand our activities, emphasizing the values of love of Israel and the unity between various sections of the Jewish people, taking into consideration mutual respect for each and every Jew. 

The ideal of unity is dealt with through the eyes of Torah, emphasizing the importance of serious study of Israel’s Torah, thus taking responsibility for the continuation of the Jewish people.