Programs that will be implemented:

People, Peoplehood and Land – a program that provides a feeling of belonging to the Jewish Nation and Land and provides a feeling of responsibility towards Jewish continuity.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Today – 6-10 meetings to create familiarity with Jewish topics related to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. This activity includes a meeting with the children’s parents.

100 Basic Jewish Concepts – A 8-12 session program introducing basic concepts in Jewish life, tradition and life experience.

The Yearly Cycle – 8-12 meetings dealing with Jewish holidays, thus providing a context and creating a connection between the holidays and themselves.

Life Cycles – a 40 session program, held once weekly or bi-weekly, that provides an in depth survey of issues within Jewish life, Jewish character traits and values, in a variety of areas.

The Aseret Project – Connecting students to the relevance of the Ten Commandments in their daily life.

Perfect Society – Producing school leaders and community leaders based on the values and ethics of our sages.

My Word – Developing leadership groups within schools to set the school climate through clean and respectful speech.

Feedback has been incredibly positive, testifying that we are achieving our goals, as perceived from the attached material.